Parenting can often feel overwhelming, stressful and frustrating.

Despite our loving commitment to our kids, we may view ourselves in ways we find surprising.  We behave in ways we are not proud of and use tones that create distance.  We allow our frustration to fuel the fire and say words that hurt our kids feelings.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Even when we find ourselves:

Screaming and shouting
Frustrated when our kids don’t listen
Managing Tantrums and Meltdowns
Playing mediator to kids fighting
Angry often and not able to calm down

It’s not what we want and we CAN turn it around

Without bribes, threats, rewards or punishment

Sound too good to be true?happy_family
Maybe…but if you really want to change the behaviour, I’m going to show you step by step the counter-intuitive way to build your relationship so kids want to be led by you.

That’s why I’m offering a brand new course designed to support you on a new journey.
One of transformation and metamorphosis.  So you have exactly what it takes to turn things around now.

It’s called….

The Butterfly Effect
How A Few Small Shifts In Your Parenting Can Create Dramatic Changes in Your Child

rhea_bodyThis intimate journey starts with 10 parents and for 5 weeks you will be part of a tribe, who join together on a weekly group training session and coaching call.

I will share everything…from the mindset and emotional state you need, to step-by-step strategies, non verbal actions and words that will start restoring your connection so your kids want to listen and be guided by you.

Everything I offer can we used right away so you can start to change the game completely.

Each weekly session  will have both a training and live coaching that takes place with like minded conscious parents just like you.  

You will receive live real time coaching on the biggest and most painful moments and listen into others share their own struggles as parents so we can support, learn and grow together and you will never be in any doubt with how to proceed with you kids. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week 1: Find out why your kids throw tatrums, argue and resist you and then learn the 3 steps that will turn challenging situations around quickly so your kids feel connected to you and not at odds with you. You can now start working together as a well functioning team towards a common goal.

Week 2: Not proud of how much you yell and shout when your kids push your buttons? Feeling like you’re not a great parent? Kids seem to stay away from you and you’re feeling guilt? Find out what to do to create deeper intimacy, despite the conflict and still create boundaries. There are no bad moments in parenting if you know how to reconnect and heal so that you become even closer in the process. I will show you exactly how.

Week 3: Discover the simple techniques to get your kids to cooperate and listen without resorting to bribes, threats and punishments.  This is the key to raising kids who are less influenced by thier peers and more receptive to your guidance.

Week 4: Find out what dicipline techniques allow kids to learn what you need them to yet have kids feeling connected to you and not resentful.  It is possible.  These techniques are crucial for creating a sense of team and stop sub-optimal behaviour in a collaborative way.

Week 5 Bonus Recording:  Things have changed since we are kids.  Technology is everywhere. Kids are often begging for ipads, phones, TV and computer time.  How much is enough and how do we parent our kids in this new digital age.  I’ll share what experts in the field are saying and what I did to find balance, so my kids aren’t losing thier creativity and ensure tech isn’t completely taking over their lives.

Week 6 Bonus Recording:  In our final session, learn how to raise confident kids who are self expressed and don’t let fear hold them back from living thier life.   It’s important they feel thier unique light in the world is seen.  Kids will learn how to make the most out of an opportunity, feel engaged and can interact with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Whether your child is 2 or 22 this course will give you and your kids skills that will last throughout your lives so you remain strongly connected as thier biggest guide, primary confidante and loving ally and your kids carve the amazing life they want to.

Small change in parenting X
(A bit of time in minutes every day + Patience and love) =

Successful Kids, Healthy Adults.

What people are saying…


“Rhea!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me as a parent.  I’m a busy Mom who just wants the straight answers to my questions and without having to hunt everywhere for the information I need.   My main concern was how to build confidence and increase the connection with my daugther, in a way that she responded to.

After using your techniques, I see the differences already and I feel like a different Mom.  My daughter has visibly more confidence and power and we are both calmer and more connected than ever.

By the way, my friend learned your techniques and she told me her husband noticed a big positive change in her and said…”What’s going on with you, you’re so different!”  Thank you!! “Ambreen Khan, Mother of 2 (ages 7 and 3)

How does it work?

Step 1. Start by Registering

Step 1. Start by Registering

Simply register for the 6 week course at the bottom of this page.  Every Tuesday we will jump on  a call and I’ll share awesome and valuable new moves that work.  Then you can ask anything you want and get live coaching where you need it.

Step 2. Join the Community

Step 2. Join the Community

You will receive a “Let’s Transform Thank You Page” with all the information you will need to get on the call and be part of this elite group of parents.

I’m including loads of additional great content that I will send along the way. You will also be part of a private FB group to connect with other parents who are also on this journey.

Step 3. Start taking action

Step 3. Start taking action

Be on the weekly calls, get live coaching but if you miss any of them, don’t worry! I will send you all the recordings and you can still ask your questions on our private page or by email.