For Conscious Parents Who Want To Build Their Parenting Skills and Use THOSE Skills To Help Others

Have You Ever Considered Becoming a Parenting Coach?  For a few select parents I'll show you everything you need to know...
Do you want to take your natural passion and skills to new heights? Do you want to parent in a way that allows you to grow and evolve alongside your kids? Do you envision an even better future for children and want to be part of that change?
Parenting, hands down is the most challenging job you will ever do.  It can turn a sane person wild with anger and take the self image we hold of ourselves as patient and calm and throw it out the window.
Few things can give us insights into our negative patterns and internal struggles like raising our children...and yet, our kids are able to release more love in us than we ever thought possible.  
Parenting can often feel like a world of extremes. 
The reason for this is due to our identity, which is the way we see ourselves and the world. We become VERY attached to that identity. Whenever we bump into things which are aligned with our identity we feel good.  When we bump into things which are not aligned, we can feel frustrated, angry, defensive, worried and find ourselves in a power struggle with our kids.
The good news is there are mind-sets and skills which can dramatically transform how we show up in life and the relationships with our children.  We can create new identities and healthier patterns when we understand the roots of where they came from in the first place.  
In essence we can become aware of everything (conscious and unconscious) that has limited, stifled, wronged, hurt and saddened us.  
This is vital to know, before we can move past things, that hold us back from what we want in life.
It doesn't matter how loving or difficult our upbringing may have been. Many of us want to parent in a new and improved way than how we were raised. 

This is why a massive shift is taking place.

Parents no longer wish to parent in a top down, hieracheal do-as-I-say approach. We feel there must be another way to reach our kids, without screaming, alienation, sadness, distance or pain.

A deeper knowing is stirring inside us. We want to partner with our children. Raise our own level of consciousness so we continue to learn and grow alongside them.


Why Is This Shift Occurring?


Access to more information, meditation and tapping into our intuition...all serve as a wake up call. We are learning, ever so slowly, how important it is to be gentler, calmer and more loving towards ourselves first. We've also become courageous enough to tap into our own emotional wounding and get deeper insights into our own personal struggles.

We are searching for a way to untangle the past and learn new parenting moves so we can positively change behaviours both in ourselves and our kids. Then, we can resolve the daily struggles, so we don't repeat mistakes and live with the emotional turmoil that comes with it.

 If you're wondering what's waiting on the other side of that soulful work? 

More Connection. More Authenticity. More Joy. More Self Love.

With Everyone. Period.


Welcome to

The Build Great Minds Parenting Academy

The Build Great Minds Parenting Academy is a 4 phase program for parents, educators or caregivers.

Phase 1 begins by giving you the support and guidance required to finally resolve and heal your unconscious wounding from your childhood. These misattuned moments in childhood are what created the patterns, biases, beliefs and blindspots, which do not serve you or your children.

Phase 2 begins by guiding you towards your own emotional expansion so you can effectively connect with your child without distance or separation. Experience your kids listening and sharing their intimate life with you freely--then marvel as the communication you both share reaches a deeper, more nourishing level, where you feel calm and centered in each others presence.

Phase 3 begins by guiding you, on everything I've learned as a successful Coach and I will share how to COACH OTHER PARENTS effectively so you can turn your skills, passion and knowledge into a full or part time business and feel the joy in helping others grow, expand and develop their best selves.

Phase 4 begins by sharing everything I did to launch my business off the ground, build my clients base, enhance and refine my marketing message, so I could make a bigger impact. I'll offer some of the technical bits I spent time and money on and I'll save YOU the time and energy of figuring it all out on your own, so you're set up for success.





Let me lay that to rest.  There are no perfect parents just as there are no perfect kids.  Sure, I get it wrong with my kids at times. It may come in the tone I used, words I said in frustration or a moment of mis-understanding. We are all human.

Since there is no statute of limitations to heal something with a child, once we know how, we can use those moments to not only heal but create deeper, richer intimacy and connection with our kids.

Thus, there are never any truly bad moments in parenting.  

Here's What A Parent Coach Needs....

-The right foundation, skills and awareness of what allows a child to expand rather than contract

-A willingness to become aware of the past and re-parent yourself so negative patterns get in the way of parenting your children

-A understanding of how to build your perspectives so you become aware of how often our ego runs the show

-A genuine desire to build raise our consciousness and find healthy ways to process emotions and practise self care and self love with dedication.

This is where we start.


 If The Build Great Minds Parenting Academy speaks to your deepest desires and you want to play your part in becoming a catalyst for change, then reach out.





Here's what one of my recent graduates had to say...

"I think my old beliefs initially held me back from joining this program. I thought ‘I’m not capable of becoming a coach’ and ‘I just won’t get it’ or "Don't do it, parents will never seek ME for help!"

I'm so glad I had the urge to explore this more. How great it will be to share these skills through coaching and offer workshops in the Netherlands.

This is where the journey with Rhea starts off… Her belief in me was bigger than anyone else had before. The real me was growing and my body and mind were beginning to believe that I could become an extraordinary coach and parent.

There were some big healing moments during coaching sessions with Rhea.

My parents told me one day they noticed my son's behaviours had changed. They said "He’s not so angry and frustrated anymore and he is so kind and more at ease, how great that is to see."  I'm also continuing to create a deeper relationship and rapport with my daughter.

I get tears in my eyes and I know that’s the work I did in the Program helped me.

Since Rhea's Parenting Academy I am coaching clients for the first time and creating courses and delivering workshops and can expand my business.  I'm so excited! 

You are in the best hands ever with Rhea. She is extraordinary at what she does."

Bianca Hermans-Houben (Netherlands, 2 children)


The Build Great Minds Parenting Academy can begin for you now. When you register you will receive 24 weekly one on one coaching calls with me. You will also join a select tribe of conscious parents who are out to make an impact and get ample opportunity to practise your skills and get feedback so feel completely confident one on one or in front of a group.

It's way more fun when we learn together!


Here's a high level overview of what to expect:


Phase 1: Self Awareness and Setting the Foundation

-Discover how and where our past parenting and our childhood experiences play a role in our present lives

-Discover the origins of our thoughts, patterns, motivations and behaviours and track them to their source

-Heal those parts of you that feel unhealed so you don't repeat those patterns in your parenting or relationships

-Get safe and loving feedback in a sacred space which allows you to grow and expand emotionally and work towards becoming your best self

-Create new stories and feelings to replace the old so they no longer hold any power over you

-Learn self love and self care regimens so that you can feel nourished and really great about yourself as both an individual and as a parent or caregiver

-Learn how to stay calm and centred so you can lead your family and access your intuition

Phase 2: Attunement and Connection with Kids

-Learn the art of taking perspectives and why it's so crucial to you parenting consciously

-Build empathy and connection with your children

-Not all questions are made equal. Learn the questions to ask which will allow you to deep dive into your children's intimate fears, pain, worries and joy

-Learn how to stay calm and centred no matter what the situation

-Discover how to heal situations when things go amiss, so there is no hidden or unnecessary resentment or pain on either side

-Learn about how your ego plays a role in your parenting and how to tame it so you don't create more resentment, anger or power-stuggles with your children

-Learn how to navigate complex emotions like jealousy, insecurity and rage and emotionally regulate yourself and your child

-Learn how to spend more time 'being' with your kids and not just 'doing' with your kids.  Being is a place of calm equanimity and reflection so it allows for much deeper connections

-Discover how to stop whining or negative attention by teaching kids how to step into their power. This is a great refresher for parents too!

-Learn how to create healthy boundaries with your children so they don't resist you

-Find out how to show up authentically with kids so they trust the relationship and build thier own esteem

Phase 3: Rapport, Connection and Trust with Clients

-Discover how to work with clients so you create a deep sacred bond built on trust and rapport

-Learn how to maximize your leadership and intuition skills when coaching parents

-Find out the importance of self-regulation when coaching and why it's the key to your success

-Utilize role plays and scenarios so you are prepared for whatever comes your way

Phase 4: Starting a Coaching Business

-Learn what I did to turn a passion and skill into a viable and successful business from the mind-set, marketing, copy-writing, sales and software.

What clients are saying...

"I am loving building the course of my dreams with Rhea. With Rhea’s guidance and her extensive knowledge she is helping me form a course that I think will change my community. 
Our ideas flow easily together and I learn something new in each sessions that I can not only apply to the course we are building together but also to mine and my families everyday lives.
Rhea is so easy and fun to work with and is always there at the end of a skype call or an email if I need her help with the course or my kids.
She is incredibly insightful and generous with her time and knowledge and I know takes her time with me and what we are building very seriously. I would recommend this Academy for any one who wants to make an impact in their personal, family and business life. "
Anna Keam (Australia, 2 children)


When a parent and child have greater emotional awareness and create healthy perspectives, when they can both regulate their emotions so they stay calm inside and feel integrated, both will up their game on every level. We become better leaders, show greater motivation, are socially savvy and overall healthier, happier people.

The world just becomes a better place.

Conscious parents know intuitively, there must be another way to relate to kids without screaming, alienation distance and pain now have access to a step by step process to get you there AND learn how to guide others towards that same the parental relationship becomes a trampoline for both the parent and child's best self.

The Build Great Minds Parenting Academy's goal is to guide you towards that magical place where parents and children work together in symbiosis...with mutual joy, appreciation, understanding and gratitude.

Experience what happens when you meet your children at the intersection of self awareness and emotional leadership, on the journey towards more intimate connections AND then be the catalyst for positive change in someone else's life. 

Rhea Lalla