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Welcome to Ninja Parenting for Confident, Successful, Happy Kids!

This course is designed to raise your consciousness and build your parenting skills. Together we will tackle your biggest parenting frustrations, solve problems that might seem hopeless & create new patterns of interaction with your kids. This process offers your children a chance to be the best version of themselves and reach their highest potential as an adult.


In this program you’ll learn…

– How to build your kids EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) -an area of development that’s crucial for future competitive advantage.

– You’ll learn to support your children by enabling their resilience & self control, so they can remain calm and focused when most needed

– You’ll help them set and achieve the goals and dreams they’ve created themselves, building their independence & autonomy

– Develop the art of influence to aid your kids in building strong relationships so they can work with others collaboratively

– Your kids will learn how to build their emotional awareness, self-confidence and develop deeper empathy while practicing leadership

Included are tons of easy-to-follow exercises, simple how-to demos on what to say and what do. By the end of this program you’ll be crystal clear about the exact words to say and actions to take, for powerful results.

To make it easier, this online course allows you to access the content in one of two ways; watch the videos or download the MP3 and listen to the content on the go. 

Over 5 hours of valuable content is broken into 5 simple modules, each module is broken down to short 10 minute learning sessions. Go as fast or as slow as you wish.  You can learn something new in literally 10 minutes and apply it with your kids that same day.

I highly recommend doing the course in the same order the modules are laid out, as they build on each other. Just click on Module 1 and begin your journey into Ninja Parenting now.

I’m so proud of your commitment to being an extraordinary parent; you are about to go on a transformational journey that will improve every interaction you have with your kids.

To Your Child’s Success,

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Rhea’s Courses…

Your call tonight was absolutely beautiful. I hinged on every word…

You shared such insightful gems of wisdom, revealing to me my child’s basic (& innocent) motivations. I feel nothing but inspired to become a better and more loving parent, hearing this. More importantly, as I listened to your teaching, I am eager to heal & to ‘re-parent’ myself from (decades of) my own, very deep, buried childhood pain that I have internalized.

Thank you, for being the gift of a conscious and loving parent…and for being an inspiring role model with whom we can practice and learn!”  

Elizabeth Szabo (USA, 1 son age 3)

“Thank you so much for everything especially with The Butterfly Effect. I really enjoyed the group and the content. 

I will have to go back through all the calls as there was so much…but I have seen great openings between my children and I. The other day my 7yr old son asked me “What my interests are” so that he can do things with me that I like to do…It was so sweet and think that was a reflection of me asking him how I can love him better….

Such beautiful deep work that you do Rhea, I am so glad we have connected. Thank you.” Monique Clark (USA, 2 kids age 9 and 4)

“I first came across Rhea’s Ninja Parenting course and I was intrigued by what she was saying. So I decided to take a chance and buy it and I realized how much useful information she offered on Emotional Intelligence. As a parent, advocate and mentor for special needs children, I was looking for something to share with parents that they could take away, try themselves and see change in their life. I found it.

The course is easy to understand because Rhea breaks it down. My son has behavior challenges and he easily gets annoyed but now I have changed my approach with the way I address him and we have a calmer household.

Bravo Rhea for your great work.” Naomi Rodriguez (U.S.A, 1 son)

“Thank you so much for writing up the summary.  Better than the notes I took. I’m printing it off and will refer to it often until this becomes automatic.

You’re awesome! You have a big heart and a wonderfully clear and precise way of sharing your valuable insights. I really feel it is going to help me become the parent I want to be.” 
Ylon Howell (USA, 2 kids age 5 and 2)


“Thank you for your wonderful work, things are really transforming in my family in a subtle yet really profound way. It’s a wonderful warm and joyful experience, a feeling that ‘it’s all going to be OK! 

I  had a big shift during the call on discipline. The whole call was shifting my neural pathways just as the entire training has so far.  When you gave us the exercise where I imagine my very best self, my very best parent I know I have in me, up on a big screen and allow her to direct my actions … something clicked into place.  

I realized how much I actually genuinely want to be that wonderful parent, kind, compassionate and listening, somewhere in me I held that that’s how I should be … somehow in that moment I gave myself permission to be the parent I truly want to be, at a much deeper level.  I have access to much more compassion, ease and resources in myself and am so grateful for your guidance.”

Annabel Hands (UK 1 daughter age 8)

“I saw the Ninja Parenting course advertised and I guess as with everything you wonder whether it will work for you and your family. I ran it past my husband who is far more cynical than I and he said go for it. He knows how important it is for me to give our girls the tools they need to navigate this life.I struggled with certain aspects of my elder daughter’s personality- her shyness was the main thing. She finds it difficult to put herself in situations where the focus is on her. I felt that if I didn’t help her now as she is younger, that it would likely worsen.

I struggled with certain aspects of my elder daughter’s personality- her shyness was the main thing. She finds it difficult to put herself in situations where the focus is on her. I felt that if I didn’t help her now as she is younger, that it would likely worsen.

As a result of the course and directly working with Rhea I was given exercises to try with my daughter. For example getting up ‘on stage ‘ in our home and each family member performing for the others. Also initiating my interactions with everyone I met in front my daughter, by smiling, whether they smiled back or not.

The outcome is that my daughter has started to initiate greeting people on her own. Even if they don’t respond, which is rare, she does not appear to become upset by it. She has even been able to perform with her class in front of a large audience. She seems to operate more and more everyday from a position of self belief.

The course tutorials are really helpful as they help you to break down the physiology behind why your child behaves the way she does. It helps you to understand them better which is ultimately what they want from you. There is also the opportunity to review the work done and make any changes necessary.

I was also happy about the mass of experience that Rhea brings from her own training and her personal life. She has loads of exercises you can use, to help with an specific area of concern.

Rhea is a smart, understanding, positive personality who has made a difference in both mine and my kids lives and if you get the chance to work with her one on one, take it.

Ninja Parenting for Confident, Successful, Happy Kids a great course, run by someone who cares. We all want our children to be balanced and well rounded. We want to ensure whatever challenges they face, they are equipped to handle them. Ninja Parenting offers that opportunity and the price charged to do it is more than reasonable.” Alison Bernard Barbados 2 girls ages 4 and 2

“I was already taking a parenting class and read several parenting books, so I thought I already had plenty of tools and resources for parenting. However, a friend reminded me “I can never have enough tools!” and I am so happy I listened. Rhea gave me a completely new way to approach parenting and new tools to nurture a high emotional intelligence in my kids.

Rhea gave me a completely new way to approach parenting and new tools to nurture a high emotional intelligence in my kids. Before Rhea I struggled with my 3 year old’s tantrums and keeping cool when he pushed all my buttons.

Also was unsure of when to push my 7 year old son when he seemed disinterested or unmotivated to try new things. I decided to try out Ninja Parenting. The modules were very easy to follow and I liked that the information was in small size bits so I never got overwhelmed.

The modules were very easy to follow and I liked that the information was in small size bits so I never got overwhelmed. Rhea showed me how to engage with my 7 year old to discover his passions and how to honor what mattered to him. I feel more connection with him and he is showing more self-motivation .

Also, I can now understand my 4 year old and help him process and express himself in ways that will serve him long term.

He is showing his sweet loving, silly side a lot more and there is so much more affinity between us. I felt she understood what it is like to be a parent and she offered effective guidance on other ways of approaching a situation that create more peace and love between my children and I. I now feel that I am parenting in a way that leaves my kids and I empowered while teaching my children critical skills to thrive in their life.

I really love that Rhea takes the approach that there are reasons for children’s mis-behavior and she helps you discover it while bringing in her compassion as a parent. I would absolutely recommend Ninja Parenting. The benefits are daily as well as life long.

Her course is smart, compassionate and she knows her stuff. If you want to fall in love with your children and raise them to be good human beings, then this is the program for you.” Jaime Myers U.S.A, 2 sons ages 7 and 4

The moment we find the reason behind an emotion … the wall is breached, and the positive memories it has kept from us return too. That’s why it pays to ask those painful questions. The answers can set you free. ~Gloria Steinem