What Do Extraordinary Parents Do To Raise Unbelievably Confident, Successful and Happy Kids?

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  • Learn the #1 thing to never say or do when you're angry or frustrated with the kids
  • Help kids deal with emotions effectively so they don’t alienate friends, siblings or you
  • Keep the conversation open so your child shares everything with you
  • Motivate, without having to scream or bribe your kids


  Did you know your child’s Emotional Intelligence is more important for success than their IQ?

Rhea Lalla

Take a moment to think about this....

  • What if your child made choices that led to mediocre friendships, picked poor relationship partners and kept making bad decisions in life?
  • What  if your child spent more time wishing they were living someone else's life, instead of cultivating their own. Constantly comparing and deeply dissatisfied with what they were doing and where they were at?
  • What  if your child did not know HOW to create and seize opportunities in life so they could turn their wildest dreams into reality?
  • What if your child did not know how to control their emotions and were stressed and angry often?
  • What if your child missed opportunities because they didn't have the confidence & skills to lead and inspire and connect?

Would you wonder what you did or could have done to prevent this? Would you wish you made different choices about how you interacted with your child?

The key to building these skills lie in how developed kids Emotional Intelligence is and there is a window of opportunity when this work is much easier. Enter your email to find out:

  • How to build your kids EQ or Emotional Intelligence, so they gain a profound edge in life,  deeper connections and personal joy
  • How to support your children by enabling their resilience & self control, so they can remain calm and focused when most needed
  • How to set and achieve the goals and dreams they've created for themselves, building their independence and autonomy
  • How to develop the art of influence to aid kids in building strong relationships, so they are respected, admired and can work with others collaboratively
  • How kids can build their emotional awareness, self confidence and develop deeper empathy and leadership abilities           

What if you could build these skills and a deep connection that lasts a lifetime?

kids having fun at the beach

What if there was no more bribing, yelling or wounding?  What if  you could experience changes by simple conversations you had before bed? Or in  a car-ride home? Or after a difficult, hurtful moment? Or by the types of questions you ask? You may feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing changes but after 15 years of training, coaching and testing, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it, when all else has failed.  So enter your first name & email and I’ll show you some simple things you can do today that will make a profound difference.