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[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#000000″]Discover How To Transform Your Kids Into Highly Confident, Motivated and Likable People Quickly, Easily And Even If You’ve Tried Everything Else And Failed [/headline_arial_large_centered]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Are You Convinced That Your Child Will Have The Confidence Required To Succeed In All Areas of Life?[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue]

[content_box width=”85%”][headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]Stop For A Second And Let This Soak In[/headline_arial_medium_left][red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • What if your child made choices in life that led to mediocre friendships, poor choices in relationship partners and bad decisions in life?
  • What if your child struggled with having a high degree of confidence and did not always feel connected and understood by others, perhaps insecurities and irrational fears preventing them  from living a free and expressed life?
  • What if your child did not spend time cultivating their own life but spent time wishing they were living someone else’s life?  Caught up in constant comparisons and deeply dissatisfied with what they were doing and where they were at in life?
  • What if your child experienced things unknown to you, that would negatively influence what they think of themselves and affect how they see the world?
  • What if your child did not know HOW to create and seize opportunities in life so they knew how to turn their wildest dreams into reality?

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Would You Feel Sad?[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue]

Would you wonder what you did or could have done to prevent this?

Do you think you might have made different choices about how you interacted with your child?

What if I told you that you could have all these results now….even if you’re bone tired of the fast pace of life and even if you’ve  tried everything you could think of but nothing worked.

What if I told you that almost every issue you have with your child could be solved with just a few shifts in your thinking and some transformational ideas on how to communicate in a way that makes kids WANT to grow and develop emotionally,  so they feel understood by you, instead of at odds with you.

What if I told you, your kids could learn these skills for themselves, so they can handle anything thrown their way.

What if I told you that the reason why some kids are confident and highly successful in many areas of their life (marriage, relationships, career) is because those parents are doing something different in how they raise their kids. If you just knew the simple things they were doing, you could easily learn and mimic those steps.

Would you want to know more?  [/content_box]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Being A Mom Wasn’t Always Easy For Me[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue]

That's me and my family

That’s me and my family

[content_box width=”85%”]I know I would because I was once trying desperately to figure out the answers to these questions. I know this because despite coming from a deeply loving and supportive home, I still found shames, insecurities and behaviors that created stress and frustration for me and those around me.

Sometimes, this also negatively affected how I reacted or responded to situations in life.

Perhaps you too can relate to this…

Sure from the outside everything appeared good.  I let people see what I wanted them to see  but I still suffered from  behaviors that affected my life and did not make for the best me.

But as I got older I realized that everything I left undone would affect my future relationships and life success, including my children, who would naturally inherit all my shortcomings.

I consumed myself with books, seminars, observation, and I got good at it.  Really good.

I got super busy and choose a successful career in training and people development.  For 15 years I helped top execs and managers interact in a way that made the staff like them more,  made for stronger relationships between co-workers and clients and they became extremely effective.

I was using tools I had honed for years and seeing results but I still struggled with my own private issues and I couldn’t explain why they were so hard to change.

Then I became a mother and I wondered, can I apply what I’ve spent 30 years honing and apply it to my parenting?

So I got busy reading, learning, talking, testing and even more testing, to see how I could transform the conversations with the world and my kids.

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Here’s What I Did With One Parent…[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue]

I want to tell you story about one of my clients who was desperately struggling to  communicate and attune with their son. These struggles seemed to  have gone on for many years and they wondered why he was so difficult.  It caused stress for the parents and the siblings and often their son looked frustrated and detached.  Everything seemed to centre around  his mood and behavior.  At times, these very loving parents, were so exasperated,  they felt like they hated their child.

I asked them what they were doing when the breakdown occurred.  The parents told me that they would earnestly try to calm the child down and reason with him.  Sometimes they felt the things he said were very unfair and they couldn’t understand how he could think the things he did. They told me they didn’t know what they were doing wrong and they felt helpless, frustrated and angry.

I asked more specific questions about what they said in these breakdown moments, I was curious about when they said it and how they said it.  Then I was able to clearly see what these well intentioned parents were doing that was adding fuel to the fire.  I could see why more pain was being created and then I told them something completely revolutionary to them.

Now, what I’m going to tell you now is what created the entire turnaround between this parent and their child.  What I’m going to tell you now will change every relationship you’ve ever had…with friends, with a partner ,with a spouse and with a child.

The parents were leading every interaction with their left brain.  We each have two sides and one is usually dominant.  For many people this is the left brain.  The left brain is logical and analytical thinking, it’s good at reasoning. Contrast that with the right brain, the right brain likes images, it likes to read emotions and express emotions.

I told these parents, that when a breakdown occurs, ie:  Child shouts “YOU DON’T LOVE ME!” or “YOU ARE THE MEANEST MOM EVER!” or “I HATE THIS HOUSE” or “I HATE MYSELF”  they would respond with things like “Son, you know that’s not true!” or “Why would you ever say such a thing!” or “That really hurts me when you say things like that” or “Go to your room and think about what you just said” or “That’s not nice, stop that!” or “Didn’t I do some nice things for your just the other day???!”

I explained that the problem was those responses were causing more harm and creating more frustration. WHY? It’s all logical thinking.  When a kid is upset, they physically cannot engage their left brain, their brain has essentially been hijacked.   This is not a choice. It happens automatically, so saying anything logical is not useful in those circumstances.  It’s actually unfair to try and force logic because it won’t work.

I explained to them that this isn’t their fault.   Almost everything we learn in life is geared towards building the left brain. For example, writing with our right hand, builds the left side, we read from left to right, which builds the left side.  Even our  school system is geared towards left brain thinking.

Then I taught these parents a simple trick.  Whenever there is a breakdown, anger, sadness, rage, shame, ‘Connect with the Right Brain and Redirect with the Left.’

This means…if you’re fighting with your husband/wife, the lady at the service counter or the kids are in melt down and saying things that are untrue or hurtful, don’t reason or logic them out of it.

Connect with their right brain by using soothing words…”I can see that you are mad”.  “I can tell that this is hurting you”  “How can I understand you better”  “Tell me more about what I did, I want to fix it”.  Instantly this will have the power to start defusing the situation, they feel calmer, less defensive, more open.  You’re job is to soothe and understand.

Then and only then, long after the tears or emotion begins to dissipate, can you now redirect with your left brain and reason with them.   They can hear you now.  They can collaborate with you.  They can listen.

Now I’ve just scratched the surface of how many other tiny ways we use left brain thinking to fix a problem and I can show you how to use more right brain responses.  Once you do, you will find that 99% of your problems will go away.

I realized parenting books are written by a bunch of “experts” that don’t really get into the How To’s and tell you exactly what to say and do in these scenarios.

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Look At What Parents Have Said About Me[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Sara Jessop”]

Sara Jessop

“Rhea’s coaching has been invaluable.  Before Rhea, my son often told me in anger that I don’t care about him or I treat him differently than my other children.  I felt sad, frustrated and confused.  

Rhea gave me simple and specific conversations to have which would heal this for us both.   I realized what I was doing before  didn’t work or made it worse.  Since Rhea’s plan, we’re both happier.”


[testimonial1_arial author=”Jaime Myers (U.S.A, 2 sons ages 7 and 4)”]

Jaime Myers“I was already taking a parenting class and read several parenting books, so I thought I already had plenty of tools and resources for parenting.  However, a friend reminded me “I can never have enough tools!” and I am so happy I listened.  Rhea gave me a completely new way to approach parenting and new tools to nurture a high emotional intelligence in my kids.

Before Rhea I struggled with my 3 year old’s tantrums and keeping cool when he pushed all my buttons.  Also was unsure of when to push my 7 year old son when he seemed disinterested or unmotivated to try new things.

I decided to try out Ninja Parenting. The modules were very easy to follow and I liked that the information was in small size bits so I never got overwhelmed.

Rhea showed me how to engage with my 7 year old to discover his passions and how to honor what mattered to him. I feel more connection with him and he is showing more self-motivation .

Also, I can now understand my 4 year old and help him process and express himself in ways that will serve him long term. He is showing his sweet loving, silly side a lot more and there is so much more affinity between us.

 I felt she understood what it is like to be a parent and she offered effective guidance on other ways of approaching a situation that create more peace and love between my children and I.  I now feel that I am parenting in a way that leaves my kids and I empowered while teaching my children critical skills to thrive in their life.

I really love that Rhea takes the approach that there are reasons for children’s mis-behavior and she helps you discover it while bringing in her compassion as a parent.

I would absolutely recommend Ninja Parenting.  The benefits are daily as well as life long.  Her course is smart, compassionate and she knows her stuff. If you want to fall in love with your children and raise them to be good human beings, then this is the program for you.”


Okay, now all this fits into the ultimate solution that I’ve created, after years of experience and hundreds of parents trying these skills and succeeding…. It’s called Ninja Parenting for Confident, Successful, Happy Kids.

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You Get In ‘Ninja Parenting for Confident, Successful, Happy Kids'[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue][green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Learn the simple 3 step rule that turns tantrums and meltdowns around in minutes and find out how to stop them altogether without ever resorting to screaming, spanking or anger
  • Discover 2 important things to ALWAYS do when disciplining kids, so you create no damaging effects to your child OR personal guilt
  • No more “Fine” or “Good”. Find out the trick to get your kids to tell you everything about their day and discover what’s going on, so you can help your kids make good choices in life and think for themselves
  • Offer an effective way to get kids to stop hitting and deal with frustrations so they don’t alienate friends and playmates
  • Motivated kids set and achieve their goals and grow to be happier people.  Learn 5 expert and parent tested actions that positively motivate, even the most unmotivated child
  • Pain, fears and anger from our past, affects us ALL to this day.  Learn the words and phrases parents use, to find and heal those parts in your child, so it never affects them later in life
  • Having good and high quality friends is essential for creating deep happiness.  Find out 3 things kids with strong and healthy friendships do differently on the playground
  • Bullying affects your child’s esteem and most school programs don’t work.  Learn how you can prevent it and what to do if it occurs, so it leaves no emotional scarring
  • “I’m bored” DOES NOT have to be a mantra of childhood.  Find out what to do and say so you raise kids who can occupy themselves and create their own interests and passions without YOU
  • Discover 6 reasons why time outs are extremely damaging and get a step by step solution on how to handle mis-behavior optimally.  I’ll also tell you the #1 thing to NEVER EVER do when you or your kids are upset
  • Learn a simple strategy to help your kids START leading and STOP following someone else so they become independent and show courage in life
  • I’ll also share an highly counter-intuitive and effective way to handle any emotionally traumatic childhood experience, so they are never affected later in life.
  • Find out the real reason your child thinks you favor another sibling’s over them and why what they are saying is actually TRUE
  • And dozens more step by step solutions to raising extremely confident, successful and happy kids who are thriving in their life right now.


Taking a chance with your kids emotions and hoping for the best is not the way to go through parenting.  It’s hard to put a price on getting it wrong.

What is more, I can teach you this stuff.  I’ve been a high value skills trainer for 15 years and have 7 years of coaching parents successfully on their biggest issues, so I’ve been around the block and seen and tested what creates  lasting change and what is just a bunch of fluff.

Ninja Parenting is $497.00 course and worth thousands more than this.  In it, you get tons of content that answers your biggest parenting frustrations packaged in a fun and interesting 5 week course .  I’ve included tons of examples of how to do what you need to do, so you are crystal clear on the words you say and the actions you need to get results.

Right now, I’m offering it for $197.00 for a limited time.

Click here to get access to Ninja Parenting

What I’m sharing with you is worth so much more that $197.00.  It took years of time, effort and money to gather the information that I’m giving you today and offering it to you in a way that is very easy to use.  I’ll show you exactly how to get the results you want….instead of just a lot of information that you don’t know what to do with.

Now I want to up the value.

I want to make sure you receive far more value than you could ever expect, by giving you a heap of other products as a huge bonus.

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]You’ll also get:[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue]

[features_box_red width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

50 Ideas to Increase Creativity in Your Kids…when you’re Short on Time and Materials

Creativity Thinking is the skill of the future.  

In this new era, good grades and left-brain thinking alone will not open the best doors. To land a great job or create entrepreneurial success, children will need to master creativity and innovation. Increased automation of skills, outsourcing to foreign countries and sheer abundance of information online are ensuring that new skills are required to succeed.

Big business is looking for visionaries: leaders who see a different future. Kids that can think outside the box, make unobvious connections and apply their skills in disparate areas will be the leaders of tomorrow, solving global issues. The new intelligence is not IQ but CQ.

This training gives you the best creative ideas out there for all ages (2-100) and takes into account you may not have 1 creative bone in your body so the ideas are simple, easy and builds their creative muscles without needing alot of stuff!


[features_box_light_green width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

6 Month Access to Exclusive Parent Interviews, Articles and Podcasts 

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • You’ll get access to exclusive content
  • You’ll have access to latest interviews with experts in the field and successful parents who are helping to define what it means to parent kids well in this new era.

[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]


7 Secrets for Parenting Successful Girls eBook by Dr. Janet Rose

Dr. Janet Rose is an expert in raising empowered, independent, happy, successful daughters.  Whether you are an expecting or already have a daughter, Janet’s inspiring, research-backed wisdom will put you on the right path to empowering your daughter and insulating her against the negative messages sent to our girls through the media and society.

The Queen Mom Essentials by

Queen Mom offers the 3 Steps to Peace, Empowerment and Well Being Audio Course. In this series you will  gain a perspective on parenting that has you feel empowered and confident instead of comparing, questioning and feeling guilty, know exactly what YOU need to be the mom you dream of being, see the 3 “mom instincts” that actually prevent us from being satisfied and happy as a mom, have freedom from competition, being “ideal” and “doing it right.” and gain a powerful tool to finally end the cycle of too much to do and not enough time.

The 50 Top Questions to Build Your Kids EQ eBook by Rhea Lalla

If you’re tired of hearing one word answers from your kids to questions about their day, then maybe you need to ask more interesting questions.  Not all questions are made equal and some questions allow you to access a true window into your child’s creativity and imagination.  Not only that but asking the right type of question, will allow you to access their deepest thoughts, ideas, and fears, which create deeper intimacy, understanding and closeness.

If you’ve ever been stuck for interesting questions that promote discussion, learning and deep insights and discovery, then you’ll want to read this book because in it, I share the art of listening and responding so your kids feel free to share more and feel no guilt or shame when sharing.  You’ll also learn good follow up questions to ask, so that the conversation continues to flow.

Fierce, Fabulous and Free Audio Course by Nisha Moodley

Nisha Moodley is a women’s empowerment coach and the creator of FIERCE FABULOUS FREE.  Inspired by the belief that the world will be set free by women who are free, and sisterhood is the key, Nisha leads communities of ambitious women to design lives of incredible freedom and adventure. 

Confidence Manifesto by Ishita Gupta

Ishita is an entrepreneur, speaker, and online business owner fusing confidence and business into your life. She runs Ishita Gupta Media which helps people struggling with stress, lack of confidence, and lack of focus make more money and build successful businesses. As part of Ishita’s trainings, she teaches the Confidence Course, which gives you the foundational skills of building confidence and overcoming self-doubt. Training you in how to gain lasting self-confidence and how to keep it, The Confidence Manifesto is the first guide in a series written by Ishita that gives you the confidence boost you need to live successfully without imposter syndrome, without anxiety and self-doubt, and being your best self.

Personality Types and Kids Audio Webinar by Rhea Lalla and Antonia Dodge

In this webinar, you will learn why understanding your child’s personality type will allow them to create more success in their life, the hidden dangers of not tuning into your child’s personality needs, how YOUR personality type can positively or negatively affect your child and the #1 thing all parents must know about personalities, if you want to be an effective parent

Life Time access to the Members Area of the Course (Priceless)

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Review information, download the audio or watch the videos as often as you like
  • Access to the membership area is available forever!

I know you will love every bit of Ninja Parenting BUT if you don’t, I’d like to offer you an iron clad guarantee:

[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]If you don’t absolutely love it and see a difference in your parenting, I’ll give you your money back.

If you don’t see changes in how you and your child show up to the world, I’ll give you your money back.

In fact, if you don’t like the font I use or the sound of my voice then I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

That is how absolutely focused I am on your satisfaction.  If there is any reason for you not to be 100% satisfied, this is my money back guarantee![/guarantee_box_1]

[content_box_blue width=”90%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Q&A’s…Let’s Talk About The Format Of This Program….[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_blue]

Question: How does it work?

Answer: Just click the button below and fill out the registration and get access to the complete program.  As I mentioned, this program will be worth every cent.  If you’re not certain that the program was worth it, then within 30 days, just send me an email and say cancel.  No questions asked but keep the bonuses.  

Question: What do I get when I order the course?

Answer: You get an email right away which gives you  login access to the membership page, which has all the modules laid out for you.

Question: How long is the course?

Answer: The course is made up of 5 modules, in which 1 module is sent out every week for  5 weeks (5.5 content hours). Each module is broken down into 6 sessions which are chunked in 10 minute learning points with lots of examples on how to use these skills with your child.  Go as fast or as slow as you wish.  You can learn something in literally 10 minutes a day, so it fits in with your busy life.

Question: How do I use the course ?

Answer: You can go through the course in one of two ways or a combination of both.  By audio using MP3 or IPOD or video on your iPad/Computer or Laptop.  Just click on the link for the session you wish to watch/listen to and away you go.

Question: Why do I need a course like this? My kids seem happy and are thriving: 

Answer: Emotional wounding happens even if we have the most loving of intentions.  This wounding tends to not show up right away in life, however, as time goes on and connections with others become more complex, they show up.  We all have wounding from our past.  It takes a lot of work to try and undo any damage that is done while a child’s brain is making emotional connections.

Ensuring your kids are armed with a strong foundation and given  the tools they need while young is critical to how they grow and develop.

Question: Why can’t I just just learn and buy books and read articles myself?  

Answer: You could.  I made this my primary focus for the last 7 years, I’ve read, studied and even interviewed many experts.  It has been a full time job to acquire the most cutting edge information out there and then the information requires testing.  I’ve tested this information on the clients I’ve coached, with my own kids and have been developing these skills sets for over 15 years in the corporate world.

Picking up a magazine or book tends to give you a lot of theories that are hard to implement because they don’t break it down into the specific concerns you have.  So you are left unsure of how to really solve your specific problem.  My course gives you exactly what to say and do that will help change the behavior and do it in a way that is optimal and healing for both you and your child.

Here’s what I want you to do now.  Click on the link below and fill out the secured details form,  so you can and take advantage of this opportunity.  Your kids will thank you for it one day.  🙂

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When You Join Today For $197, You’ll Get Access To:

  • Ninja Parenting for Confident, Successful, Happy Kids Video Course
  • The Top 50 Questions To Build Your Kids EQ eBook

  • 50 Ideas to Increase Creativity in Your Kids…when you’re Short on Time and Materials eBook

  • Personality Types and Kids Audio Webinar 

  • Confidence Manifesto eBook

  • Fierce, Fabulous and Free Audio Course

  • Queen Mom Essentials 3 Steps to Peace, Empowerment and Well Being Audio Course

  • 7 Secrets of Parenting Girls eBook

  • Lifetime Access to the Membership Site

  • 6 months Access to Exclusive Parent Interviews, Articles and Podcasts[/red_arrow_list]

Click here to get access to Ninja Parenting

If you take action right now, because I know you want to, I’m going to throw in one more bonus on top of the over $2500.00 in bonuses you’re already getting and I’m going to make it a real juicy one…

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]

How to Ignite Bravery, Learning and Creativity In Your Kids 

In this information filled webinar you will:

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Learn the delicate balance between encouraging your kids and not terrifying them when they approach new situations
  • Find out how to encourage your kids to be even more brave and social
  • Understand how learning should be approached before information is dispensed
  • Uncover the questions to ask your kids to discover their own unique talents
  • Discover how many times you should expose your kids to something before you decide it’s not for them
  • Discover what type of questioning builds your child’s curiosity
  • Find out why curiosity is vital for being emotional, intellectually and physically healthy

Here’s What More Parents Have Said About Ninja Parenting & I:

[testimonial1_arial author=”Alison Bernard (Barbados, 2 daughters, ages 4 and 2)”]

Alison Bernard“I saw the Ninja Parenting course advertised and I guess as with everything you wonder whether it will work for you and your family. I ran it past my husband who is far more cynical than I and he said go for it. He knows how important it is for me to give our girls the tools they need to navigate this life.

I struggled with certain aspects of my elder daughter’s personality- her shyness was the main thing. She finds it difficult to put herself in situations where the focus is on her. I felt that if I didn’t help her now as she is younger, that it would likely worsen.

As a result of the course and directly working with Rhea I was given exercises to try with my daughter. For example getting up ‘on stage ‘ in our home and each family member performing for the others. Also initiating my interactions with everyone I met in front my daughter, by smiling, whether they smiled back or not.

The outcome is that my daughter has started to initiate greeting people on her own. Even if they don’t respond, which is rare, she does not appear to become upset by it. She has even been able to perform with her class in front of a large audience. She seems to operate more and more everyday from a position of self belief.

The course tutorials are really helpful as they help you to break down the physiology behind why your child behaves the way she does. It helps you to understand them better which is ultimately what they want from you.  There is also the opportunity to review the work done and make any changes necessary.

I was also happy about the mass of experience that Rhea brings from her own training  and her personal life. She has loads of exercises you can use, to help with an specific area of concern.

Rhea is a smart, understanding, positive personality who has made a difference in both mine and my kids lives and if you get the chance to work with her one on one, take it.

Ninja Parenting for Confident, Successful, Happy Kids a great course, run by someone who cares.  We all want our children to be balanced and well rounded. We want to ensure whatever challenges they face, they are equipped to handle them. Ninja Parenting offers that opportunity and the price charged to do it is more than reasonable.”    


[testimonial1_arial author=”Rabina Baret”]

Rabina Barret“As a mother of 2 kids  I often felt overwhelmed and tired, especially when one of them would throw a tantrum over something simple, like having to wake up or not getting their way.  I don’t believe in spanking but I wanted to control these situations.  

Rhea told me about a special and surprising technique and recommended I use it in the middle of a meltdown, that would snap them out of it and get them to stop seeing me as the enemy.  It works….and I use it often.”    


[testimonial1 author=”Kausar Tahir”]

With two young kids ages 2 and 4 and a busy schedule, I did not have time to read the latest parenting books.  I needed someone to bounce ideas of off and give me a different perspective/approach to what I was already doing, which was not working.

Both my husband and I were committed to helping our two kids become more confident, independent and emotionally balanced.  The problem was, we had no idea where or how to start.   I took a chance and started my weekly coaching with Rhea, committed to improving a situation we desperately wanted to improve.

My son was reserved and shy around kids but after working through some step exercises with Rhea, I’ve learnt new ways of interacting with my son and those around me.  With these new tools, I now notice how my son reaches out with greater ease to kids around and communicates freely.

Rhea has also helped walk me through how I could build his ‘emotional space’ and help him handle his frustration and anger.  I learnt some new techniques to help him share and express his feelings and she coached me through the right conversations to have to help him navigate more complex emotions.   In the process, she helped me walk me through some of my own unconscious anxieties so that I had the tools and techniques to support him with confidence.  I now see a marked difference in how he relates to emotional ups and downs.

This has been a life changing experience not only for myself as a career woman-turned mom of two, but also for my family.  I can’t thank Rhea enough for putting us on the right track.”[/testimonial1]

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When You Join Today For $197, You’ll Get Access To:

Ninja Parenting for Confident, Successful, Happy Kids Video Course plus

  • The Top 50 Questions To Build Your Kids EQ eBook
  • 50 Ideas to Increase Creativity in Your Kids…when you’re Short on Time and Materials eBook
  • Personality Types and Kids Audio Webinar
  • Confidence Manifesto eBook
  • Fierce, Fabulous and Free Audio Course
  • Queen Mom Essentials 3 Steps to Peace, Empowerment and Well Being Audio Course
  • 7 Secrets of Parenting Girls eBook
  • Lifetime Access to the Membership Site
  • 6 months Access to Exclusive Parent Interviews, Articles and Podcasts
  • [/red_arrow_list]

Click here to get access to Ninja Parenting

P.S.  If you wanted….you could probably figure out all this stuff eventually on your own.  I know, because that’s what I did.  But it’s probably cost me  many thousands if I were to add up all the money I invested, spent, tested and WASTED figuring out the “good stuff” that actually works…and works consistently and predictably.

So you can invest a ton of money and time trying to figure out what works or you can short circuit that whole process and do something of a “mind-meld” with me….and then you can put this information to work in your life starting today. 

P.P.S.  AT this point you have nothing to lose…so this is where you get a bit daring. You don’t want to wake up tomorrow and realize you could have done something right now that would change your life.

This truly has been proven to work for parents just like you so get it now.


[testimonial1_arial author=”Eric Schilling”]


“Ninja Parenting is not only one-of-a-kind product, but it is also very well done!  When I saw an ad for the course I almost didn’t buy it, because I thought I knew most of the material since I used to be a teacher, and I have a background in developmental psychology.  But there was a free sample video that convinced me that the course was based on how to develop the parenting attitude (I’ve always believed attitude is most important) and not just based on textbook material, nor on research alone.   I was impressed by how the material was organized into learning modules that build on each other.  Rhea’s oral delivery of the concepts and then her use of narrated examples and stories was genuinely enjoyable, and thought-provoking….and even up-lifting, too.  Also, it appears she has been thorough in reading the available research, and then expanding on that by doing her own experiments while she was a parent, as well as listening to other parents.  After listening to all 5 modules, I was surprised how I am less afraid of being a parent.  I now believe that being a parent is about being fully human, and being fully aware “in the moment”.  Perhaps, most importantly, it is about GROWING while the children are growing.  And with a certain kind of attitude, growing is a great adventure.”