Here’s What People Are Saying About Rhea…

“Your call tonight was absolutely beautiful. I hinged on every word…

You shared such insightful gems of wisdom, revealing to me my child’s basic (& innocent) motivations. I feel nothing but inspired to become a better and more loving parent, hearing this. More importantly, as I listened to your teaching, I am eager to heal & to ‘re-parent’ myself from (decades of) my own, very deep, buried childhood pain that I have internalized.

Thank you, for being the gift of a conscious and loving parent…and for being an inspiring role model with whom we can practice and learn!”

Elizabeth Szabo (USA, 1 son age 3)

“After attending two of Rhea’s seminar’s, I feel the skills and knowledge she shares allows us to become better parents and raise happier more well adjusted kids by building our emotional intelligence in ourselves and  within them.

We were only exposed to our own parents who may not have handled situations in the most optimal way.

I feel motivated to help other parents by sharing these techniques so we can create a chain reaction in our generation and by extension, society now and going forward.

I would definitely recommend learning more from Rhea and her courses.”

Dr. Risshi Rampersad

Director of Cardiology and Cardiatric Surgeon at St. Clair Medical Centre

“I was frustrated as I was finding it hard to get our daughters to do the general chores, activities or daily routines that they needed to do each day and the discipling methods that had once worked for us weren’t working or often making it worse. The tantrums and defiance were getting more frequent and I was frustrated and stressed.

My partner and I were finding hard to agree on how we should tackle it. I didn’t really know what a parenting coach did and I was apprehensive about the results.

I started coaching with Rhea and I was hooked! Her grounded, sensible, caring and wise advice resonated with me. It was so easy to apply and I saw results almost immediately.

I also realized that I did not have to be ashamed of seeking help but that I was actually brave to be looking for a better way to communicate with my family.

Rhea has gradually given us an amazing set of skills and tools to tackle any problem or conflict that arrives in our home in a way that not only solves the problem but means they stop arising.

This has not only been life changing for our relationship with our two beautiful daughters but has also made amazing changes for us as a couple and the way we communicate with each other.  I feel so blessed to have found Rhea and to have made these changes in our lives.

We are now happier and more relaxed. We rarely have issues in the home anymore and we are now confident that we are building great, loving and productive daughters that they will grow up loving and respecting themselves fully and that they will be able to tackle any challenge that comes their way.”

Anna Keam (Australia-2 daughters 5 and 1)

“I first came across Rhea’s Ninja Parenting course and I was intrigued by what she was saying. So I decided to take a chance and buy it and I realized how much useful information she offered on Emotional Intelligence. As a parent, advocate and mentor for special needs children, I was looking for something to share with parents that they could take away, try themselves and see change in their life. I found it.

The course is easy to understand because Rhea breaks it down. My son has behavior challenges and he easily gets annoyed but now I have changed my approach with the way I address him and we have a calmer household. Bravo Rhea for your great work.” Naomi Rodriguez (U.S.A, 1 son)

“I really blew it with my older step-daughter. Things got so bad, she decided to live with her dad full time when she turned 13. She’s 18 now – and she hasn’t spoken to me in nearly 5 years since she moved out! And while she still sees her mom and half-sister, their relationship is also strained… all because I didn’t have the proper parenting skills.

Now my younger step-daughter is 11 years old. Totally different personality – different natural father… so you’d think everything would be great, right? But you know what? I found myself going down the exact same path of action/ reaction. My music lesson ‘command-style-do-this-do-that’ just wasn’t working in my family life.

I was completely FRUSTRATED! I KNEW I was the one who had to change!And that’s EXACTLY what Ninja Parenting is doing by giving me the understanding and the skills to be a better parent.

Yes, it takes a lot of work and my 11-year-old step-daughter gives me all the practice I can handle! But I can honestly say that for sure that I will NOT be blowing up this relationship. And even better, with the skills I’m working on, someday I may even be able to repair my relationship with my older step-daughter.”

Russ Hamel (Toronto, 2 daughters)

“Rhea’s coaching has been invaluable.  Before Rhea, my son often told me in anger that I don’t care about him or I treat him differently than my other children.  I felt sad, frustrated and confused. Rhea gave me simple and specific conversations to have which would heal this for us both.   I realized what I was doing before  didn’t work or made it worse.  Since Rhea’s plan, we’re both happier.”  Sara Jessop

“I was already taking a parenting class and read several parenting books, so I thought I already had plenty of tools and resources for parenting. However, a friend reminded me “I can never have enough tools!” and I am so happy I listened. Rhea gave me a completely new way to approach parenting and new tools to nurture a high emotional intelligence in my kids. 

Rhea gave me a completely new way to approach parenting and new tools to nurture a high emotional intelligence in my kids. Before Rhea I struggled with my 3 year old’s tantrums and keeping cool when he pushed all my buttons. 

Also was unsure of when to push my 7 year old son when he seemed disinterested or unmotivated to try new things. I decided to try out Ninja Parenting. The modules were very easy to follow and I liked that the information was in small size bits so I never got overwhelmed. 

Rhea showed me how to engage with my 7 year old to discover his passions and how to honor what mattered to him. I feel more connection with him and he is showing more self-motivation .

The modules were very easy to follow and I liked that the information was in small size bits so I never got overwhelmed. Rhea showed me how to engage with my 7 year old to discover his passions and how to honor what mattered to him.

I feel more connection with him and he is showing more self-motivation . Also, I can now understand my 4 year old and help him process and express himself in ways that will serve him long term.

He is showing his sweet loving, silly side a lot more and there is so much more affinity between us. I felt she understood what it is like to be a parent and she offered effective guidance on other ways of approaching a situation that create more peace and love between my children and I.

I now feel that I am parenting in a way that leaves my kids and I empowered while teaching my children critical skills to thrive in their life.

I really love that Rhea takes the approach that there are reasons for children’s mis-behavior and she helps you discover it while bringing in her compassion as a parent. I would absolutely recommend Ninja Parenting. The benefits are daily as well as life long.

Her course is smart, compassionate and she knows her stuff. If you want to fall in love with your children and raise them to be good human beings, then this is the program for you.” Jaime Myers U.S.A, 2 sons ages 7 and 4

“It’s extremely  important it is for me to give my girls the tools they need to navigate this life.

I struggled with certain aspects of my elder daughter’s personality- her shyness was the main thing. She finds it difficult to put herself in situations where the focus is on her. I felt that if I didn’t help her now as she is younger, that it would likely worsen.

As a result of the course and directly working with Rhea I was given exercises to try with my daughter.  I was a bit skeptical as they were very different than anything I tried before. She also gave me a few exercises so I would become aware of what I might be doing to contribute to this situation.

Since working with Rhea, my daughter has started to initiate greeting people on her own and showing much more overall confidence. Even if people don’t respond to her, which is rare, she does not appear to become upset by it. She has even been able to perform with her class in front of a large audience. She seems to operate more and more everyday from a position of self belief.

I enjoy the one on one with Rhea.  One huge benefit was the mass of experience that she brings from her own training as well as her personal life. I was able to talk to her in detail about my concerns and I never felt rushed. I always felt heard.

We all want our children to be balanced and well rounded. We want to ensure whatever challenges they face, they are equipped to handle them. 

Rhea is a smart, understanding, a positive personality who has made a difference in both mine and my kids lives  and I feel it’s important to her that both my children and I  succeed.” Dr. Alison Bernard (Barbados, 2 daughters, ages 4 and 2)

As a mother of 2 kids I often felt overwhelmed and tired, especially when one of them would throw a tantrum over something simple, like having to wake up or not getting their way. I don’t believe in spanking but I wanted to control these situations. Rhea told me about a special and surprising technique and recommended I use it in the middle of a meltdown, that would snap them out of it and get them to stop seeing me as the enemy. It works….and I use it often. Rabina Baret

“With two young kids ages 2 and 4 and a busy schedule, I did not have time to read the latest parenting books.  I needed someone to bounce ideas of off and give me a different perspective/approach to what I was already doing, which was not working.

Both my husband and I were committed to helping our two kids become more confident, independent and emotionally balanced.  The problem was, we had no idea where or how to start.   I took a chance and started my weekly coaching with Rhea, committed to improving a situation we desperately wanted to improve.

My son was reserved and shy around kids but after working through some step exercises with Rhea, I’ve learnt new ways of interacting with my son and those around me.  With these new tools, I now notice how my son reaches out with greater ease to kids around and communicates freely.

Rhea has also helped walk me through how I could build his ‘emotional space’ and help him handle his frustration and anger.  I learnt some new techniques to help him share and express his feelings and she coached me through the right conversations to have to help him navigate more complex emotions.   In the process, she helped me walk me through some of my own unconscious anxieties so that I had the tools and techniques to support him with confidence.  I now see a marked difference in how he relates to emotional ups and downs.

This has been a life changing experience not only for myself as a career woman-turned mom of two, but also for my family.  I can’t thank Rhea enough for putting us on the right track.” Kausar Tahir

Ninja Parenting is a one-of-a-kind product and it’s very well done. When I saw an ad for the course I almost didn’t buy it. I used to be a teacher and I thought I knew most of the material and I have a background in developmental psychology.

But there was a free sample video that convinced me that the course was based on how to develop the parenting attitude (I’ve always believed attitude is most important) and not just based on textbook material, nor on research alone.
I was impressed by how the material was organized into learning modules that build on each other. Rhea’s oral delivery of the concepts and then her use of narrated examples and stories was genuinely enjoyable, and thought-provoking….and even up-lifting, too.

Also, it appears she has been thorough in reading the available research, and then expanding on that by doing her own experiments while she was a parent, as well as listening to other parents.

After listening to all 5 modules, I was surprised how much increased confidence I now have. I now believe that being a parent is about being fully human, and being fully aware “in the moment”.

Perhaps, most importantly, it is about GROWING while the children are growing. And with a certain kind of attitude, growing is a great adventure.”  Eric Schilling

“In my honest opinion, Rhea is best defined as fiercely passionate. She has positively impacted the way I raise my own children by introducing me to some of her teachings and methodologies like Divergent Thinking techniques-I can’t stop talking about Divergent Thinking!

Her extensive research and interest in brain development and neuroscience in children allows her to speak with facts and statistics. As much as she is an educator, Rhea is also a student.

She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a burning desire to acquire and assimilate new information. Rhea is professional who takes great pride in her work and takes it very seriously but always ensures she’s having fun doing it.” T. Nguyen Father of Juliana 5 and Ethan 21 months

“As a teacher, I have collaborated and conversed with Rhea on how we can be of better support to students. I have found our conversations to not only be informative, but eye opening, uplifting and exciting.
Her boldness and way of thinking is something I connect with and trust. Rhea welcomes transparency in conversations we’ve had, which has made our relationship honest, motivating and progressive.
Her knowledge on neuroscience and it’s application in working with children helped me to think outside of the box. I’d recommend her to any parent, teacher or educator seeking support and advice for their children and students.”  R Ramnarine Montessori Teacher

“In one conversation with Rhea, I realized how my negative self talk was impacting my kids, she overheard me offhandedly saying I’m a bad mother in front of my child and pointed out how that could be leaving a negative impression on my daughter, that was not useful, I immediately became conscious of what I said around my kids and now I don’t self deprecate, nor categorize them or me with things that are not empowering”  S. Saunderson Mother of Luke 4

“Rhea throws all her energy into finding those little things that make kids happy and wholesome . She is one of those people who inspires you to want to be an even better parent”  M. Lakheeram Owner and Managing Director of Children’s House Montessori School

“Rhea is someone who makes sure kids are equipped to face the future by developing their emotional and intellectual capacity. She has been an inspiration in the way she searches the universe for knowledge and truth to help make kids more intelligent, more kind and more self aware.  Above all, Rhea helps me learn more as a parent and ask more of the world and myself.” A. Mclean Mother of Malcolm 5 and Gabriella 3

“Rhea is someone who energizes those around her to think differently.  In all of our interactions, I have left feeling more empowered and excited for life.  Her passion to make the world a better place, especially in the area of child development, is inspiring to us all! I have to say, I wish my parents had her knowledge when I was growing up”  F. Yong

“I recently found your podcast and am so grateful for your real life parenting hacks. I am an elementary special education teacher and parent of a 6 mo and 4 year old, thus your advice is so helpful in both of my roles, so thank you for sharing.

I look forward to learning more from you and sharing your podcast and website with my student’s parents and friends because it really has made me a more conscious and connected parent and has empowered my daughter who is still finding her voice.

Thank you again for what you do to help empower our kids and build greater minds.”

Melanie Danley (U.S.A mother of 2)

After participating in The Butterfly Effect…how small shifts in your parenting can create dramatic results in your kids, I want to say thank you so much for writing up your summaries which were better than the notes I took. I’m printing it off and will refer to it often until this becomes automatic.  You’re awesome! You have a big heart and a wonderfully clear and precise way of sharing your valuable insights. I really feel it is going to help me become the parent I want to be.

Ylon Howell