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Successfully help parents...

  • Stop tantrums and power-struggles and restore calm
  • Prevent technology from taking over their kids lives
  • Build the relationship so your kids listen to you
  • Express their emotions, fears, worries so they are no longer held back by them
  • Move through and heal painful experiences like Divorce or Trauma
  • Turn Sibling Rivalry into appreciation, co-operation and respect
  • Build Confidence so kids step into their power and become fully expressed
  • Build Motivation and Perseverance without the need for bribes

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Latest Articles

  • The One Question Every Child Longs To Be Asked

    The One Question Every Child Longs To Be Asked

    My son and daughter are opposites. One spends a great deal of time in his head, he reads voraciously, worries over problems that don’t yet exist, plays by the rules and is happier when he knows exactly what to expect. Methodical and analytical, I can sense his mind strategizing how to optimize for the best […]

  • Parenting Is A Gladiator Sport

    Parenting Is A Gladiator Sport

    My daughter has always been extremely expressive.  She’s the type of child who insists on sitting in at the parent-teacher interview and kindly expressing what isn’t working for her in the classroom, with suggestions for improvement. I’d sit and listen, careful not to quiet or hurry her truth. While I celebrated her courage to express […]

  • The Most Important Parenting Skill

    The Most Important Parenting Skill

    Recently, my son came over,  looked seriously into my eyes,  held my hand and said, “Mom, it’s not that you’re a bad cook…really, it’s just that I don’t LIKE anything you cook.” I felt a pang in my chest.  I could feel a rush of hurt swelling inside, my defenses started coming up, I wanted […]

  • Letter To My Kids Teacher

    Letter To My Kids Teacher

    It’s back to school and I felt inspired to write a letter to each of my kids (Grade 1 and 2) teachers. If you are anything like me, you may have felt excitement and a bit nervous about how your kid/s will experience this new school year. The question for me was….“Will they thrive?”  I […]

  • 3 Common Parenting Mistakes That Demotivate Your Child

    3 Common Parenting Mistakes That Demotivate Your Child

    10 kids on a log. 3 decide to jump off.   How many are left? The answer is 10. Why? Because deciding to do something is NOT the same as doing it. Kids decide to do things every day, ie: tidy up toys, clean up rooms, do school work but we know it does not mean they have the motivation to take action. Motivation without doubt is the […]

  • Do Your Parents Get You Angry?

    Do Your Parents Get You Angry?

    How many times have you been frustrated or angry with YOUR parents? Perhaps, like me, when those moments hit you tried to debate the issue, recognized the futility of it and were both left tense, frustrated and drained. I’ve since recognized that the source of my anger was pain because I desperately wanted my needs […]

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What Parents Are Saying

  • Sara Jessop

    Sara Jessop

    “Rhea’s coaching has been invaluable. Before Rhea, my son often told me in anger that I don’t care about him or I treat him differently than my other children. I felt sad, frustrated and confused. Rhea gave me simple and specific conversations to have which would heal this for us both. I realized what I was doing before didn’t work or made it worse. Since Rhea’s plan, we’re both happier.”
  • Jamie Myers

    Jamie Myers

    “Before Rhea I struggled with my 3 year old’s tantrums and keeping cool when he pushed all my buttons. I really love that Rhea takes the approach that there are reasons for children’s mis-behavior and she helps you discover it while bringing in her compassion as a parent. I would absolutely recommend Ninja Parenting. The benefits are daily as well as life long. Her course is smart, compassionate and she knows her stuff. If you want to fall in love with your children and raise them to be good human beings, then this is the program for you.”
  • Alison Bernard, Barbados, 2 daughters ages 4 and 2.

    Alison Bernard, Barbados, 2 daughters ages 4 and 2.

    “I saw the Ninja Parenting course advertised and I guess as with everything you wonder whether it will work for you and your family. I ran it past my husband who is far more cynical than I and he said go for it. He knows how important it is for me to give our girls the tools they need to navigate this life. I struggled with certain aspects of my elder daughter’s personality- her shyness was the main thing. She finds it difficult to put herself in situations where the focus is on her. I felt that if I didn’t help her now as she is younger, that it would likely worsen. The outcome is that my daughter has started to initiate greeting people on her own. Even if they don’t respond, which is rare, she does not appear to become upset by it. She has even been able to perform with her class in front of a large audience. She seems to operate more and more everyday from a position of self belief.”
  • Rabina Baret

    Rabina Baret

    “As a mother of 2 kids I often felt overwhelmed and tired, especially when one of them would throw a tantrum over something simple, like having to wake up or not getting their way. I don’t believe in spanking but I wanted to control these situations. Rhea told me about a special and surprising technique and recommended I use it in the middle of a meltdown, that would snap them out of it and get them to stop seeing me as the enemy. It works….and I use it often.”
  • Eric Schilling

    Eric Schilling

    “Ninja Parenting is a one-of-a-kind product and it’s very well done. When I saw an ad for the course I almost didn’t buy it. I used to be a teacher and I thought I knew most of the material and I have a background in developmental psychology. But there was a free sample video that convinced me that the course was based on how to develop the parenting attitude (I’ve always believed attitude is most important) and not just based on textbook material, nor on research alone. I was impressed by how the material was organized into learning modules that build on each other. Rhea’s oral delivery of the concepts and then her use of narrated examples and stories was genuinely enjoyable, and thought-provoking….and even up-lifting, too. Also, it appears she has been thorough in reading the available research, and then expanding on that by doing her own experiments while she was a parent, as well as listening to other parents. After listening to all 5 modules, I was surprised how much increased confidence I now have. I now believe that being a parent is about being fully human, and being fully aware “in the moment”. Perhaps, most importantly, it is about GROWING while the children are growing. And with a certain kind of attitude, growing is a great adventure.”

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