Rhea Lalla

Certified trainer, parenting coach, speaker, author and parent.

Rhea Lalla is a Toronto based Conscious Parenting speaker, coach and author for parents who want to create dreamy relationships with their children and raise incredibly confident, happy, fully expressed kids who are thriving emotionally.

Rhea is NOT interested in telling you how to parent, but she IS interested in creating a world that pulls greatness from all our children.

She believes in inspiring and supporting parents back to their intuition and healing whatever holds parents and children back from living into their best selves.

Rhea has been extremely effective at shedding light on the subtle unconscious interactions that create more distance, frustration, resistance and power-struggles and helps guide parents back to creating deeply loving communication and epic experiences with their kids, so they want to listen and be guided by you.

Her articles, live events, courses and e-book have been featured on the radio, newspapers, TV and numerous magazines including Elephant Journal, Today’s Parent, CityLife, MindValley Academy, Pop Expert and Udemy.


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A Certified Trainer and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, with almost 20 years of coaching and training experience, she has successfully led workshops globally on the intricacies of emotional intelligence to the United Nations, Fortune 500 Executives and Management and Public and Private Schools as well as parents to hone and develop their awareness, emotional connections and parent, lead and educate consciously. 

For the last decade, Rhea tackles the most challenging of parenting issues and offers private coaching and courses for parents who wish to grow and transform alongside their children. She has offered numerous trainings to Schools, Companies and Associations who wish to guide and support staff, educators and parents in offering their best selves to this world.


Parenting is not easy and it does not come with a manual.

Some behaviours expand your child’s mind, and others contract their intelligence. Its important to know the difference.

We may innocently be doing ‘normal’ things that can silently curb our child’s long term success, without even knowing it. Learning how to avoid the actions that may hold your kids back, is crucial for their highest development.

Rhea is deeply committed to shifting the future of our children’s success. She trains parents in the most cutting-edge techniques for raising kids with powerful self-esteem and social confidence. She knows how to encourage highly creative & innovative thinking in your child, so they can carve out the life of their dreams.

She has collected & created simple and effective ways for helping extraordinary parents offer their kids easy tasks and exercises aimed at cultivating the minds of our future leaders.

If you are keen to find new ways to create your children as leaders in their lives TODAY, be sure to look at what Rhea has discovered & put into her free trainings.

These cutting edge and often counter-intuitive skills will not only empower you but will ensure your child has a successful life they love.



Some Recent Highlights in 2016/2017

  • Speaker at Awesomeness Fest (Spain 2017)
  • Speaker at New Zealand’s New Frontiers Event on ‘The Future of Education and Parenting’ (New Zealand 2016)
  • JP Morgan Chase Conscious Parenting Seminar on the Art of Connection (April 2017)
  • Delivered Coaching Seminars at BabiesRUs stores in Toronto, Canada on tantrums, discipline and how to develop children’s EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Keynote speaker for 250 woman of the ‘Ladies Association’ on building EQ and Connection with our kids
  • Live Event Triniad 2016: ‘Unleash Your Child’s Success…parenting for confident, focused, happy kids’ Speaker at the University of Trinidad and Tobago  on Conscious Parenting and Emotional Intelligence
  • Featured Interview in Woman’s Express Magazine on Parenting and EQ 2016
  • CNC3 Morning TV Show interviewed on Parenting and EQ
  • Moving On TV Show interviewed on Parenting and EQ

“This is both our pleasure and pain as parents: To find a way to climb inside our children and see the world from their perspective. To connect with them emotionally first and then and only then, redirect to what’s practical, logical and necessary if you must.” ~ Rhea Lalla







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