Letter To My Kids Teacher

It’s back to school and I felt inspired to write a letter to each of my kids (Grade 1 and 2) teachers.

If you are anything like me, you may have felt excitement and a bit nervous about how your kid/s will experience this new school year. The question for me was….“Will they thrive?” 

I didn’t want to leave it up to chance. So I wrote down all the things I didn’t have the presence of mind or perhaps the courage to say to her warm face when I met them both a few days before the start of school.

NOTE: If you want a template of this letter to give to your child's teacher click the Download Template button at the end of this post.

Dear Mrs. __________,

A week of school has gone by and I want to share some thoughts which are deep and dear to my heart.

Just like my kids, I’ve experienced many feelings at the start of this new school year.  Namely, I feel excitement, as my daughter meets her new teachers and forms new friendships.  I also feel great anticipation and hope for the bright sparks of curiosity and learning that will ignite, both inside and for the world and people around them.

My personal hope is for 3 for distinct forces to remain united and work together symbiotically this year.

I for one, will do my best to ensure my child’s life is emotionally, physically and mentally sound.    So too, I trust the school itself will continue to be dynamic and reflect the skills and values in this new era of education and of course the teachers, who I hope embody great joy and a deep reverence for learning and sharing.

My hearts desire is my daughter, along with all the other eager minds in the class, continue to thrive.  If you allow me, I would love the opportunity to share what thrive means to this mother.


  • The children experience their first moments as they walk into class, as something sacred and joyful.  Each of them feel important and welcomed in this remarkable space you have created for their delight and learning.
  • Each child gets the opportunity to rejoice in creative thinking and experience many opportunities to let their imaginations run wild.
  • Where questions are asked in ways that allow kids to come alive….become curious and that curiosity is given freedom to burgeon and expand.
  • A place where getting things wrong is also reason for celebration because it means a kid took a chance…..and we want more than anything for them to keep taking chances in life.
  • Where teachers are both explorers and experimenters, searching for creative learning methods which allow all kids to know, in their bones,  this classroom is the place for them.
  • Where learning is fun because all learning can be fun, if we use our imaginations.

Mrs. ____________, I do not know what spark catalyzed your desire to teach but my deep hope is seeing kids wide eyed, engaged expressions continues to make your heart dance.

I too, will continue to grow and expand my own consciousness as a parent.  I remind myself daily that my tone, my body, my eyes, my hands and my words are used every second to create distance or connection and that learning opportunities are in everything.

There is so much power and potential you hold and it is with great reverence and trust we share this journey together.   I will my best to support you and will be rooting for you from the side lines.

With love and admiration,

Rhea Lalla

Click here to download this template
As always feel free to share your thoughts and comments about this letter below.

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